Welcome to LONK Bearing.We are specialized in producing tapered roller bearing and other industrial bearings.We work tirelessly to help make all of our customer' s machine more productive and more profitable.A the world of industry changes,so do we. Advanced technology, Stable product quality, considerate service are our global code of conduct.

LONK Bearing including two branches. One is ShanDong LinQing LongQi Bearing Co.,Ltd who is our production base in ShanDong Province. The other is export branch Xinjiang Xinke Hengsheng International Trade Co., Ltd which in charge of all exporting and after sale service business established in Urumqi, Xinjiang in 2005.Currently,LONK Bearings have been exported to: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other countries etc.

More than 15 years of industry experience,  rich industry experience , a strong understanding of the market,  a strong technical service team and highly intelligent technical equipment will assure to provide each customer with quality services and products. Since the establishment, LONK Bearing is always based on the corporate philosophy of "integrity, Unity, pragmatism, and innovation" and adheres to the management purpose of "first-class talents, first-class achievements, first-class quality, first-class management" to run. Advanced technology, Stable product quality, considerate service are our conduct code. We will continue to use our own technical advantages, product advantages and market advantages to support bearings and related products of mechanical equipment for each customer.